Houston Civil Litigation Attorney

Houston and Galveston Civil Litigation Attorney

Jones Robinson, LLP advises and represents both individuals and businesses in commercial matters, environmental matters, toxic tort litigation, employment issues, consumer disputes such as claims under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, contract claims, fraud and business related torts, securities litigation and other disputes common to businesses and individuals.

Jeth Jones is a trial lawyer that represents companies and individuals when their disputes must ultimately be resolved through litigation. We represent a wide range of clients, whether as a plaintiff or defendant, in:

  • Breach of Contract Claims;
  • Environmental Litigation;
  • Fraud and Business Related Tort Claims;
  • Shareholder Oppression;
  • Patent Infringement;
  • Deceptive Trade Practices;
  • Advice in Criminal Matters for Businesses and its Employees;
  • Securities Litigation such as Broker Churning; and
  • Wrongful Termination Claims.

When it comes time to go to trial, you want a smart and experienced lawyer familiar with the challenges of civil litigation protecting your rights. From his Houston law offices, We provide clients throughout the Gulf Coast with the prosecution and defense of their civil litigation matters.

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With experience as a defense lawyer and as a former prosecuting attorney, Jeth Jones has a unique perspective when it comes to civil litigation. Handling a wide range of cases, he understands the challenges facing his clients in court, the goals of the opposition, and the opportunities for a successful resolution.


If you are interested in pursuing civil litigation contact Jones Robinson, LLP to determine your rights and remedies. We will provide honest advice and real answers regarding your chances at trial and are available to clients twenty-four hours a day. Contact us today for an evaluation of the merits of your case or your options in defending a civil lawsuit.