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If you have been charged with a DWI, you will need the best possible criminal attorney to represent you. You will need experienced counsel at administrative hearings in order to keep your driver's license and aggressively defend your rights so that you can avoid other serious consequences such as loss of your job, increase in your insurance costs, and probation or even the minimum jail sentencing requirements. Whether it is your first offense or you have had multiple driving while intoxicated offenses, Jones Robinson, LLP will protect your rights in court and represent you from the administrative license revocation (ALR) process through trial, if necessary.

DWI and DUI Driving While Intoxicated Criminal Defense • Contact Jones Robinson, LLP Today

Every person who has been pulled over for a DWI Driving While Intoxicated in Texas has important rights that should not be waived. It is up to you to make sure those rights are protected. It is extremely important that you contact an experienced DWI attorney immediately after your arrest. You need an experienced DWI/DUI attorney that can evaluate all of the issues in your case such as:

  • License Revocation (ALR) hearing;
  • Reliability of the Field Sobriety Test performed by the police officer;
  • Reliability of the Blood Test or Breath Test;
  • Probable Cause for the traffic stop or your arrest;
  • Effect of Breath Test Refusal;
  • Effect of a conviction for DWI Driving While Intoxicated on your driving license, your job or your car insurance;
  • Negotiating a Plea Bargain if necessary; and
  • Avoiding Jail Time or Driving License Suspension for a DWI conviction.

If you have been stopped by the police for DWI do you know your legal rights?

  • You have the right to refuse answering any questions.
  • You have the right to not submit to any verbal or non-verbal field sobriety tests or exercises.
  • You have the right to have your attorney present if you choose to actually participate in the police officer's standardized field sobriety tests.
  • You have the right to an independent blood test within two hours of the state's test of your blood.
  • You have the right to actually see the numerical display if you provide a breath test.
  • You have the right to an experienced and aggressive lawyer.

Unfortunately, most people do not know all of the rights they had at the time of their arrest for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). You need the aggressive lawyers at Jones Bennett LLP to defend you going forward so that the state does not continue to railroad you through its system. You have the right to a trial by jury and Jones Bennett LLP will fight to preserve that right.

License Revocation and Administrative Concerns

If you have been charged with drunk driving, it is important to know that an ALR license suspension is automatic unless a hearing to challenge the suspension is requested within fifteen days after the notice of suspension on a Department of Public Safety approved form. Do not delay as this notice is usually provided on the day of the arrest for DWI. Take action as soon as possible by seeking legal counsel to explore all of your viable options.


Everyone has questions after they have been arrested for a DWI. Available to clients twenty-four hours a day, Jones Robinson, LLP will be there to answer any questions and explain all of the legal options in defending drunk driving charges. Contact us today for a free initial consultation regarding your Driving While Intoxicated charges.